Golden Bridge Community Choir

Golden Bridge Community Choir, founded and directed by Maggie Wheeler and Emile Hassan Dyer, is a non-audition based choir that uses hands-on and interactive methods to connect singers to music from around the world. The choir meets from 12:00pm to 1:30pm every Sunday at Golden Bridge Yoga, a large and beautifully designed studio on North Highland Avenue in West Hollywood. Golden Bridge Yoga is a location that attracts a wide variety of Los Angelenos looking to better their mind, body and spirit. When you walk into the building the organic, exposed brick walls, the natural, wood floors and the glowing natural light is instantly relaxing. This atmosphere is carried over into the rehearsal space as well, where all members of the choir (from little kids to adults) are extremely supportive and inclusive. Indeed, when Wheeler and Hassan Dyer started the choir five years ago they hoped to use music as a means for creating a sense of community in the large and often isolating city of Los Angeles. The Golden Bridge Community Choir is an absolutely essential part of its members lives and has grown in the last five years from a small group of 30 people to around 70 members today. It costs $140 to join the choir for 12 sessions, with a new set of sessions beginning in January.

Lily Orcutt (class of 2012) and Margaret Hawkins (class of 2014)

Golden Bridge Yoga
1357 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Pricing: $$$
Distance from Oxy: 11 miles

Directions from Occidental College

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