Venice Beach Drum Circle

The Venice Beach Drum Circle is a gathering that happens every Sunday as the sun is setting.  The event has been going on for several decades, its origin is unknown and is a common topic of debate.  There are many stories and speculations, but the most widely accepted explanation is that the circle simply developed over time in tandem with the culture of Venice Beach.  The location is prone to change but usually stays close to the skate park, towards the middle of the boardwalk on the beach.

The Venice Beach Drum Circle venue attracts many college students each Sunday; the venue is completely free of charge.  The only expenses are $5-10 parking and gas money (if you drive).  Los Angeles public transportation is also a viable option but may take hours depending on where you live in Los Angeles.  It is a hippy/hipster scene, and there are many cool stores on the boardwalk, including clothes shops, smoking glassware, and several touristy storefronts from novelty shops to restaurants.  It is a fun time, and a great experience observing the drum circle in full swing.  If you are in Los Angeles, it is fine way to spend a Sunday Evening.

Pablo Warner (class of 2013) and  Conner O’Callaghan (class of 2013)

Venice Beach Drum Circle
North Venice Beach Blvd and Ocean Front Walk
Every Sunday at Sunset
Dress code: Any clothing appropriate
Pricing: $

Directions from Occidental College

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