Colburn School of Music

Situated near Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A., the Colburn School of Music offers various lessons and classes in the performing arts. A full-fledged conservatory that provides a collegiate education to promising young musicians, the school offers free student recitals open to the public almost daily as well as frequent performances by visiting artists. Colburn is an accessible and thrifty way for Classical music buffs and those interested in learning more to enjoy live acoustic performances.

Originally founded as a preparatory school for USC’s School of Music, the Colburn School was founded in 1950 and named after Richard D. Colburn in 1980 when he helped to relocate it to Grand Avenue as an independent institution.  Just a stone’s throw away from locations like the Museum of Contemporary Art, the L.A. Opera, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and a variety of restaurants of various price levels, the Colburn School would make a great part of a weekend downtown day-trip.  The campus itself is new and attractive. There is also a small café with a menu that changes daily, including deli sandwiches, pizzas, soup, and decadent entrees, none of which are more than $10.  Whether grabbing something quickly before attending a concert or leisurely enjoying an afternoon date, the café is affordable and comfortable.

The school presents mostly Western art music, but within that tradition are numerous styles, each of which are fresh and exciting in their own way.  From highly ornate early Baroque music to passionate Romantic selections and virtuosic contemporary works, the Colburn School invites audiences with diverse tastes.  Besides guest recitals, which are typically $25, all concerts are free, which destroys the stereotypical image of classical music as the property of only experts and the rich.

Calvin Lesko (class of 2012) and Justine Ho (Class of 2015)

200 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Pricing: $
Neighborhood: Dowtown L.A.
Distance from Oxy: 7-8 miles

Directions from Occidental College

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