LindyGroove Swing Dancing

Lindy Groove is absolutely the best swing dance venue in Southern California. With 700+ in attendance every Thursday night, there is never a lack of partners to dance with. All levels of experience are welcome, from first timers to old timers, with experienced dancers leading basic and advanced classes every week. You can come dressed as casually as you like, or dressed in your finest vintage 50s themed outfits. The music usually consists of classics from the 40s to the 60s as well as other songs that have great swinging rhythms, and is loud enough to ‘get down to’ but not too loud to talk to your partner while on the dance floor. There are special deals for birthday parties where everyone on the birthday list gets in for free and cake is provided. Halfway through the night, dancers form a giant circle and anyone is free to dance with the people who are celebrating their birthdays. Often there are more than 15 people celebrating their birthday in one night, so this can turn out to be quite a show, and great fun for the birthday guys and girls! All in all it’s a fantastic way to meet fun people and it’s a great way to spend a Thursday out with friends. The cover fee is only $7 and parking in the area is simple and usually free.

Kirk Follette (class of 2014) and Margaret Winterkorn (class of 2013)

Grand Ballroom, Pasadena Masonic Temple
200 S. Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
7:30PM to 12:00AM, Thursday
Pricing: $
Distance from Oxy: 5.4 miles

Directions from Occidental College

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