Jax’s Bar & Grill

Jax’s Bar and Grill originally started out as a sports bar in Glendale in 1984 but it soon became one of the most established jazz clubs in Los Angeles. Here at Jax’s, there is reasonably priced food and there is a wide array of dishes from Italian cuisine like shrimp scampi to fish & chips. But the food is just a backdrop to the entertaining and straightforward jazz acts featured every night. The countless trinkets and pictures of Jazz instruments and images all over the walls highlight the venue’s emphasis on not only Jazz music, but the preservation of Jazz history.

The social scene you might see at Jax’s is diverse. There are families eating the delicious Italian fod offered, sports junkies enjoying a beer and the game on the two giant plasma screens at the bar, and college students and old friends jut looking to hear great jazz music. Each night there is a different jazz act playing. The music is loud and lively and adds so much to the experience. If you want to go to a place to hear quality jazz musicians such as Jack Sheldon and Andrea Miller and eat and drink then Jax’s Bar and Grill is hard to beat.

Joseph Massari (class of 2014) and Charles Dean Sonido (class of 2012)

Jax’s Bar and Grill:


330 N. Brand Blvd.,
Glendale, CA CA 91206
Pricing: $$(10-20 dollars/person)
Distance from Oxy: 5-10 minute drive

Directions from Occidental College

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