About Us

Oxy Music Connection is a student-contributed ethnographic project that celebrates the diverse soundscape of Los Angeles. This project features performance and venue reviews, and showcases articles by Occidental College students intended to inspire the Oxy community to listen beyond the boundaries of the campus.

Each semester students from across the campus attend concerts and other musical events at the Los Angeles music venues that are the heart of our unique urban community. Oxymusicconnect hopes to chronicle their journeys into the sonic nooks and crannies of the city by providing students with a virtual space to showcase the musicians, concerts, venues, and institutions they encounter. The site currently showcases the work of students from two Occidental classes, “Introduction to Ethnomusicology” and “Race and Gender in Popular Music,” taught by Shanna Lorenz and Wendy Hsu respectively; in the future we hope to include work produced in collaboration with students and professors from other courses.

Attribution: The images on this site are used under Creative Commons Licenses. The “Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights” photo, exhibited as the LA Venue Guide banner, was shot by Paul Narvaez. Showcased as the Concert Reports banner, the “Mariachi in Chinatown” photo was taken by Akasha Yi. The Activism banner “Watts Tower Jazz Festival” was taken by Atomic Hotlinks. “Coma,” displayed as the About Us banner, was taken by Mikey Wally.